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Investing in the Brightest Futures

 An apprenticeship scheme is something special. We are privileged to see our apprentices grow into their role and become valued employees. Most remaining with their apprenticeship employer and progressing through the company. Become part of this rewarding experience in nurturing a young and open mind, and witness the benefits this brings to your business.

We send you the most suited applicants, for you to interview. An apprenticeship is a collaboration with you, your apprentice and Basingstoke ITEC and will be a positive experience. We are reliable, and our success rates show our high level of commitment.


Take a look at what our previous employers thought...

Click on a video below to get an insight from our previous employers and what they thought about our apprenticeships.

Interested in recruiting an apprentice?

We will advertise and monitor your vacancy and conduct first interviews.   We run pre employment workshops to prepare the applicant for employment.

For I.T. apprenticeship recruitment we run a City and Guilds Traineeship – employability skills with technical I.T.  that leads into a City and Guilds I.T., Software, Web and Telecoms Professional apprenticeship.

Seven weeks, at our centre, developing employability skills such as: work place etiquette,  working as a team, appropriate use of their mobile telephone and business telephone skills and I.T such as:   Using a ticket system, Customer Support including telephone skills, installing software,  maintaining systems,  building a laptop and server,  understanding networks,  intro to: HTML, CSS and Java Script.

Work experience (six weeks) is then offered by an employer (through interviews), where the trainee can complete their Traineeship and hopefully progress onto employment and a full Apprenticeship in technical I.T. 

What are the benefits of recruiting through a Traineeship?

  • We will manage the entire process
  • You will receive CVs and interview the trainees
  • You have the reassurance that they are ready for employment
  • They will have received relevant training
  • You have the opportunity to monitor progress with a member of staff

Recruiting direct

  • We conduct telephone interviews and hold first interviews at our centre
  • We only send strong applicants to you
  • We understand young people and will be able to advise you regarding applications and interview processes
  • We will visit the new recruit to see they are settling in to the role and work place

How much will it cost me as an employer?

  • No recruitment fee.
  • The qualification is government funded.  No cost for 16-18 years olds.
  • Please contact us, costs vary for each apprenticeship and are dependent on whether you are a Levy payer, size of your organisation and the age of your apprentice.

What will I get as an employer?

  • A young person who will quickly adapt to your work based culture
  • Someone who is highly skilled in the Microsoft packages and general computer maintenance
  • Somebody who has trained in an office environment

Interested in work based CPD qualifications for existing staff?

Apprenticeships are work based qualifications that will also upskill existing staff in Business Administration, Customer Service, Digital Marketing and I.T.

If you have employees who are changing roles or need to improve and learn additional skills, or who would like acknowledgement of their achievements and competency, these qualifications will feed into Continual Personal Development and support IIP.

Apprenticeships take a minimum of 366 days, up to 18 months. An assessor will visit the apprentice at their place of work and the apprentices will be required to attend ITEC's centre for workshops/study.

What are the benefits of work based qualifications?

  • Adds value and interest to the employees work
  • Addresses gaps in your employees skills
  • Assists with staff retention and productivity
  • The qualifications will also help meet Investor in People criteria
  • Nationally recognised qualification

How much will it cost me as an employer?

Please contact us, costs vary for each apprenticeship and are dependent on whether you are a Levy payer, size of your organisation and the age of your apprentice.


*an apprentice cannot already have a higher level qualification in that subject, other eligibility criteria to be met.


About Our Apprenticeships

What Apprenticeships do we offer?

What does an apprenticeship consist of?

  • Competence (formerly known as NVQ)
  • Functional/Key Skills (English, Mathematics)
  • Knowledge (formerly known as Technical Certificate)
  • Learning of ERR (Employee Rights and Responsibilities)

NB: Some frameworks are combining the Competency and Knowledge.

New Standard apprenticeships:

  • Employer led learning, on the job.
  • Attendance at our centre for off the job learning.
  • End Point Assessment at the end of your apprenticeship, consisting of, for example: Portfolio of work and interview on a project completed at work.

About Basingstoke ITEC

Why should I choose Basingstoke ITEC?

  • Our success rates are much higher than the national average of 71%
  • We have fully qualified, well trained and motivated staff
  • We have been operating for more than 25 years

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